Net.Hunter can operate in tap mode, data is passed through unit unaltered, traffic that matches filters and can be stored or sent to mirror ports

16 Hardware filters on Port A and Port B allow you to catch only the network traffic that you want to see even at line rates.

Data captured on Net.Hunter can be accessed and downloaded by a standard browser and opened directly in Wireshark or another tool for analysis

Net.Hunter can operate in filter mode connecting to an external tap or mirror port,  traffic matching filters can be stored or sent to mirror ports

Albedo Net.Hunter is an FPGA based hand held capture appliance capable of capturing ALL packets on a full duplex GbE line.  Packets that match any of the 15 + 15 user defined hardware filters can be saved to the internal SSD (Solid State Drive) or sent to another tool via the mirroring (output) ports. All operations are executed at FULL line rate in both directions (Tx & Rx) with zero delay (nS) and zero loss to the live traffic.


With it's flexible configuration modes Net.Hunter can act as in tap or filter mode. In tap mode data is passed through the unit unaltered and any data that matches the filters can be stored on the internal SDD or sent to the mirroring output ports to be sent to another tool. In filter mode Net.Hunter can be connected to an external tap or mirror port and data that matches the filters can be stored or sent to the mirroring output ports. Net.Hunter can also aggregate traffic from the input ports and send this data to another tool out of one of the mirroring ports.


Net.Hunter is undetectable on the circuit under test with no MAC or IP address making it ideal for security applications. Operating at line speed with no delay or loss of traffic Net.Hunter is the ideal tool for network troubleshooting, forensics and security where capturing off network data is paramount.


View Captured Data on Wireshark


Using a standard Web Browser users can access captured data stored on the internal SSD and download this to a PC or MAC for analysis in Wireshark or another protocol analysis tool. Captured data is stored in PCAPNG format providing the widest capability with analysis tools.


Disk capture options allow for capture to be stopped when the internal disk is full or to wrap the capture. A wrap around capture never deletes any existing data stored on the disk but older frames within the current capture may be overwritten.


Features and Benefits


  • Filter/Capture/Record at full duplex Gbit
  • 100% firm/hardware: nanosec accuracy
  • Non-stop packet capture 24/365
  • No MAC, no IP: Undetectable
  • No MAC, no IP: Cannot be hacked
  • Mirror and Pass-through mode
  • Storage: 60 / 120 GBytes hard disk
  • Storage: at wirespeed (1+1 GbE)
  • Filtering, Capture & Aggregation
  • Trigger Conditions
  • Captures CRC errored frames
  • Hardware PCAP Time Stamp
  • Wireshark friendly for protocol analysis
  • VoIP, IPTV, Data, TCP/IP and more
  • Built-in Tap to 1000BASE-T
  • Replays Traffic
  • VNC remote control
  • 15+15 Programmable Filters
  • IPv4 and IPv6




  • Multilayer Trigger
  • Several conditions for trigger set up
  • Logical trigger functions
  • When trigger is on all the traffic is save on disk




  • Sixteen (16) simultaneous filters can be applied to the traffic.
  • Ethernet source and destination MAC addresses
  • Selection of MAC address sets with masks
  • Ethertype value with selection mask,
  • VLAN-VID with selection mask,
  • VLAN-CoS value with selection mask
  • IP source, destination, and source-and-destination
  • IP address group: subset of addresses filtered by masks
  • Protocol encapsulated in the IP packet (TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, etc.)
  • DSCP field, single value and range
  • TCP/UDP port, single value and range
  • Agnostics filters defined by 16 bits masks and user defined offset
  • Lawful filter: 64 byte pattern match at any place in the frame payload.



  • Enterprise Forensic Analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • e-Banking
  • Defense and Intelligence agencies
  • Law / Police / Intelligence applications
  • Telecom Troubleshooters
  • Complement to Firewalls

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