The Aukua MGA2510 Ethernet Protocol Analyser is a stand-alone 1U chassis system providing validation and debug analysis capabilities for R&D, Test and Support engineers building and deploying Ethernet based IT, storage networking and communications systems. It can operate as a powerful Ethernet traffic generator or connects transparently in-line as an analyser and monitoring system.


The MGA2510 Traffic Generator supports Bit Error Rate (BER) testing, throughput testing, precise latency measurement analysis and impairment jamming.


The MGA2510 In-ine Analyser connects transparently in-line in the network or test-bed helping customers detect and resolve complex issues, capture traffic or introduce impairments in the lab for more realistic performance testing.



Traffic Generation


  • First 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G Multigigabit Ethernet capable traffic generator and analyser
  • Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), Throughput testing and Latency measurement or monitoring
  • Impairment jamming for functional and performance validation under real-world scenarios
  • Hardware-based architecture with unequalled precision and flexibility



Traffic Generation


  • In-line L1 bit capture, L2+ packet capture, protocol analysis, monitoring and impairment jamming
  • Supports 100M to 10GbE rates including the first to support IEEE 802.3bz 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T Ethernet
  • First and only in-line analyser to support native copper 10GBASE-T! No need for troublesome media converters!
  • Native support for 10.3125Gbps, USXGMII visibility, capture and impairments
  • Low latency in-line (pass-through) operation



Aukua Systems

Aukua's MGA2510 is the only Traffic Generator and In-line Analyser Testing Platform to Natively Support 2.5G, 5G and 10GBASE-T Ethernet

Aukua Systems MGA2510
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Aukua MGA2510

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Aukua Systems MGA2510
Aukua Systems MGA2510
Albedo Telecom Ether.Genuis Brochure
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