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The KE3600 MultiTest is a versatile and revolutionary xDSL and G.FAST tester for ADSL 1/2/2+, VDSL2, Vectoring, G.FAST and bundled networks, FTTx/GPON deployments and optical and copper Gigabit Ethernet networks.


With a variety of interfaces, the KE3600 xDSL Multitester can support multiple access network technologies including ISDN, SHDSL, POTS, Copper and GPON in addition to it's extensive xDSL capabilities. Fault diagnosis is accelerated through the KE3600's simple operation providing even untrained technician with a powerful but easy to use tool.


The KE3600 has an Ethernet and built in SFP port making it ideal for FTTH networks as well as copper based networks where the automated xDSL capability allows for operation on ADSL, VDSL and G.fast circuits.


  • Autodetecting ADSL-VDSL-Vectoring-G.FAST ADSL/VDSL Bonding
  • Gigabit Ethernet Copper and Fiber 10/100/1000 BaseT and SFP port
  • GPON ONT Emulation
  • ADSL / VDSL / G.FAST Copper Line Testing 31 MHz & 106 MHz* Line Qualification
  • Digital Telco Line Multimeter
  • TDR
  • SHDSL (EFM, ATM, TDM) 8 wire CO and CPE Modem Emulation
  • ISDN S2m/E1, S0/Uk0
  • POTS
  • Full High-Speed IPv4/6 Test Support: Statistics, Ping, Trace Route
  • HTTP Down- and FTP Up/Download
  • Web browser


ISDN (BRI / Analog (POTS) Testing

The optional ISDN / POTS interface checks all functions for the installation and maintenance of S0 and Uk0 and analogue connections:
  • Voltage measurement
  • Terminal simulation TE
  • Connection and self call tests
  • Extensive service query
  • Detailed information on the line status
  • BER-Test for determining the bit error ratio


VoIP Testing

  • Terminal simulation
  • VoIP connections over xDSL and Ethernet
  • VoIP Signalling protocol SIP
  • Call setup both with and without a registrar / proxy

IPTV Testing

  • Set-Top-Box-Emulation
  • Review packages and switch-on and switching times
  • Shows Bitrate and Jitter
  • Preview function

Copper Tests with KECT Interface

The KE3600 offers with its internal KECT interface full support for pre-qualification and troubleshooting on the copper pair up to 30 MHz.

Digital Multimeter Measurements


  • VoIP
  • IPTV
  • Current
  • Isolation
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Capacitive unbalance
  • Loop analysis: Editable , automated test sequence of the most important measurements
  • KE900KE905 management functions: Sends switching commands to the optional Remote Unit KE900/KE905 directly for comfortable remote switching of copper pairs at the far end of the line

xDSL Pre-qualification

Measurements on suitability for the intended application
xDSL system
  • Impedance
  • Attenuation
  • Balance
  • NEXT measurement
  • Receive level
  • Spectrum
  • Wideband noise
  • Impulse noise

FED ( Far End Device)

The optional KE905 Remote Unit is the perfect assistant for use with the KE3600 and provides one-man testing and troubleshooting on copper subscriber lines. The KE905 Remote Unit can open, short, switch or ground leads under control of the KE3600.
Developed for testing ISDN, ADSL2+ and VDSL2  services the device has minimum impact on measurements through 30 MHz at the far end. Remote-Controlled switching functions up to 20 km distance are possible without any influence on other services in the loop.


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Kurth xDSL Testers Overview

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